BUN BO HUE – Original & Refined Recipes | Helen's Recipes

Join me and Summer Le – Chef at Nén Restaurant to cook Bun Bo Hue – the second most famous Vietnamese noodle soup after Pho in both original version from Hue and elevated version from a Vietnamese restaurant.

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Tiêu đề video: BUN BO HUE – Original & Refined Recipes | Helen's Recipes

Độ dài: 00:16:54, Ngày đăng: 2018-06-29 23:00:00

Tác giả: Helen’s Recipes ()

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4222YFNqDP8

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  1. Trop de parlote 😩😩

  2. Darlene Nguyen

    I love how the english auto cc subtitle for bun bo hue is boombah hair 😂

  3. Great video! I love how you use the Instant Pot! This is a game changer for speeding up making vietnamese noodle dishes! My mom would simmer her pho overnight but I just need a few hours and done! Also helps eliminate babysitting the pot

  4. Will be trying this out soon thank you! This is my fav dish in Stockton CA at binh minh sooooooo DELICIOUS AND FLAVORFUL.

  5. I'm in love! 🙂

    But a question arose: In your Pho soup video, you said that pots should not be covered because the broth will be saur. In this video you used pressure cooker… So this is a contradiction. So what is the truth? Should or should not cover the pot?

  6. 자푸리 Jafuri

    대박……. 나도가고싶다

  7. If and when I can travel to Da Nang, I'll definitely visit your restaurant. 😁

  8. Theophilus WeiPing

    Speak very good English

  9. Sailing a Hobie


  10. is there a recipe for the pork paste?

  11. may i know what noodle brand you use

  12. Did you say 18 minutes in IP? whoa

  13. Very nice to learn both ways.

  14. Hue. Helens is what im used to. Gota have shrimp paste and pig feet

  15. “If no lemongrass, dish fails”. Love it!! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Quyên Nguyễn Thục

    Bún bò chỉ nên nấu thịt bò thôi mới ngon được .

  17. em đã nấu và rất thành công, cám ơn chị.

  18. I really love this channel , i'm learning a lot

  19. If there is no shrimp paste. The dish fails

  20. Where can I get the satay recipe? I love that oil and would like to try and make it at home

  21. Karen Benavente

    I love your beautiful ideas Summer♥️ great tips and delicious recipes I wish I could come and taste your yummy foods 😋

  22. Karen Benavente

    Hi Helen 🙋 this Soup looks so delicious, but
    Only one very important thing I don't eat any
    Blood items, so I will
    Omit that😊 but thank you to both of you lovely chefs 💕💓💗 I love your recipes, yummy 😋 thank you!

  23. Cách nào cũng ngon hết.

  24. The Original BearBear

    I never heard Helen speak Vietnamese

  25. Jordan Bronson

    Wow, looks soooooo good!

  26. I love this channel and am delighted to learn about nen and more fine Vietnamese dining but the format of this video is kind of confusing and hard to follow. They should’ve just filmed each version separately and then point out the differences explicitly. People who are trying to concentrate are then distracted by the comedic footage and there was no final product comparison

  27. Does summer have a winter in her life yet?

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